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  • ​​Tailored to Influencers: Specifically designed for influencers with at least 10K followers across all social media networks, who worked with at least a few brands before and who have a passion for content creation.
  • AI-Driven Efficiency: Say goodbye to manual outreach. Let AI do the heavy lifting, sending personalized pitches to thousands of brands.

Why Join?

Why the Influencer Accelerator™ Academy?

Because Traditional Methods Just Don't Cut It Anymore

  • ​​Saturated Markets, No Problem: Break through the noise in an overcrowded space.
  • Business-Minded Approach: Treat your influencer career as the serious business it is.
  • ​Real Results, Real Fast: Like Adam, who secured $25,000 worth of deals in just a month!
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What's Inside the Academy?

$6500 VALUE 👇👇👇

The Magic List™

VALUE: $4000

Over 6,000 brand contacts across 27 categories👇

  • Detailed Contacts: Organized by brand name, contact name, role, and email.
  • ​Diverse Portfolio: Spanning 27 brand categories.
  • ​Personal CRM: A structure that allows notes, tracks brand relationships, records replies, and helps network with brands long-term.​
  • Up-to-Date: Fresh contacts, ensuring your pitches reach the right inboxes.

4 Weeks of Dripped Coaching Videos

VALUE: $2000

Each week, you'll have access to dripped videos dedicated to a new aspect of your business, with no more than 2 hours of content per week for maximum efficiency.

  • Get crystal clear on your personal brand and your niche. Adopt a successful Influencer mindset.​
  • ​Targeting Strategy: Identify which brands to approach and the optimal times.
  • Learn how to pitch to brands effectively, who to pitch to, and how to convert rejections into brand campaigns.
  • ​​​Become a skilled negotiator and learn how to command your true value.
  • ​Automate your brand communication: ​Set up your AI-powered software and train it to handle email outreach, following up and even pre-write negotiation emails for you.
  • Relationship Building: Set up your brand outreach for an entire year and build long-term relationships with brands.
  • ​​Organize and automate your business to work smarter, not harder.​
  • Travel the world while getting paid, and discover how to collaborate with hotels, countries, airlines, and other unexpected businesses.
  • ​Manage your own PR, get press coverage, and attend fashion weeks and other high-profile events.
  • Build your Instagram empire and expand beyond brand partnerships.
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6 Months Access and The Magic List™ Updates

VALUE: $500

  • The Magic List™ Perks: Receive timely updates, notify us about bounce-backs, and receive immediate brand email replacements, and even request brand additions to the list.
  • Tech and Coaching Email Support: Our dedicated professionals are on standby to assist with technical setup and strategic advice.
  • ​Community: Connect with like-minded individuals and share your success together.



With a total following of 2 million people, your mentor Diana Marks has been working as a full-time content creator and influencer since 2012.

Throughout her career, she witnessed big social media platforms become irrelevant and replaced by new ones.

Despite changes in the platform landscape and follower count, Diana successfully monetized each social media network via brand deals and beyond.

Diana has worked with thousands of brands over her decade-long Influencer career, including countries, hotels, apps, banks, airlines, and more. She received two Influencer awards, spoke at various panels as an expert in the business, and have been featured as a top Influencer by various publications over the years.

Diana Marks launched her Influencer monetization coaching agency Lux Digital Media in 2019. Through the agency, Diana has helped thousands of influencers work with their desired brands. Her extensive knowledge of the industry has led her to develop a signature framework that includes tools, automation, templates, and community, all available through the Influencer Accelerator™ Academy.

IMAGINE HOW MUCH FASTER can start monetizing your Instagram if you know what to post, what to say to brands, how to negotiate, WHO to reach out to, and you have AI tools and automations handling the majority of it.

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Become location independent, learn how to get paid to travel and live anywhere you desire. Winters in Bali and summers in Cali can be your reality.

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YOUR 9-5

Take control of your time, work on your terms, and be your own boss as a successful influencer. Our tailored solutions will help you achieve your dreams and elevate your influence.

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Not only will this become your profitable full-time career, but you will also establish yourself as an expert in your niche and an online celebrity, making a positive impact on countless people both online and offline.

Imagine waking up in Greece in a luxury hotel, that you are partnering with. You got there by partnering with an airline that flew you business class. And you have a few weeks ahead of you to explore the new country and create content for brands that PAID you to be promoted on this trip! And this is one of dozens of trips that you'll take in a year...


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If you take action and commit to the first simple step👇

Here are brand categories you'll receive:

In The Magic List™ , you'll tap into a network of brands that spans 27 unique categories. This means endless opportunities for influencers of all types. Here are the categories you'll see:

  • ​Agencies
  • ​​Alcohol/CBD
  • ​​​​Athletic Apparel
  • ​​​​Cars and Auto brands ​​​​
  • ​​​Clothing Brands
  • ​​​Tourism Boards (including 25 major cities, all 50 US states, and over 60+ countries!)
  • ​​Food & Beverage ​
  • ​​Bags
  • ​​​Beauty Brands & Perfume
  • ​​Watches
  • ​​​ ​​Airlines (including private, regional, national, and international)
  • ​E-commerce
  • ​​​Entertainment
  • ​​​Finance and Tech
  • ​​Home & Furniture
  • ​​​Kids​
  • ​​​Shoes
  • ​​​​Luxury Brands
  • ​Jewelry
  • ​​​Health & Wellness
  • ​​​​Lingerie & Lounge
  • ​​​Luggage
  • ​​​​Swimwear
  • ​Sunglasses

If you follow our framework, you can easily 10x your brand deals within a month.
Imagine what you can achieve in 12 months 😎
See what our members are saying after the first 4 weeks of the program 👇

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Can I find this information elsewhere?

We proudly stand as the sole provider of this unique experience for influencers, based on our exclusive Magic List™ and signature framework. Our content is copyrighted, meaning you won’t find a similar offering anywhere else.

Will I be able to keep up with the program?

Our lessons are delivered in bite-sized video formats, averaging 1-2 hours of content per week. This allows you to progress at your own pace without feeling overwhelmed. All videos utilize our signature framework, ensuring they're easy to understand, locate, and execute.

What's the guarantee of success?

While it's unethical for us to guarantee specific outcomes, what we can promise is this: if you diligently follow our framework and complete all lessons, you'll be in a strong position to earn. When you fully utilize our resources, it’s extremely hard not to see results.

What average results can I expect?

Upon implementing our teachings and setting up your AI automation email tool, many participants secure their first brand deal within 2-3 weeks. However, outcomes can vary based on your dedication to the program, your niche and content.

The program seems expensive. What should I do?

We've priced our program to reflect its value and the significant results our community has witnessed. It’s a minimal investment considering the potential returns. If you're uncertain about its value, it might not be the perfect match for you.

Is this program suitable for beginners or advanced influencers?

The Influencer Accelerator™ is tailored for influencers who already have a grasp on the business and have partnered with several brands. If you're yet to build a following or haven’t collaborated with any brands, this program may not be suited for you.

What's your refund policy?

Owing to the sensitive data we share and the exceptional value we provide, we don’t offer refunds.

How long is my access to the program?

You'll have 6 months access to the Influencer Accelerator™ Academy videos and the Magic List™. You can always download the latest copy of the Magic List™ on your computer before your access expires. 
Specific benefits of the Influencer Accelerator™ Membership such as regular updates of the Magic List™ are available only while you maintain your membership.

The longer you wait, the more competitive it gets. Secure your edge today.

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