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About Lux Digital Media
Lux Digital Media is a boutique marketing agency founded by Diana Marks - an award-winning social media influencer and entrepreneur working in the digital marketing world for over a decade. Diana partnered with thousands of companies as a social media influencer helping them reach more audiences via her channels. She established a strong recognizable brand of her persona before she set to help businesses and personalities with the support of her hand-picked team of experts - Lux Digital Media. 
We are a full-service content creation, management, and growth Instagram agency that focuses on helping businesses and personalities brand themselves on Instagram and expand their fanbase and client base.
We’ve been helping brands develop and define their voice since April 2019. We’re driven by technology and innovation to ensure we fulfill our key mission of helping our clients find their successful future. Get in touch so that we can kickstart your Instagram branding and business growth today.
We offer different types of packages for our clients
Monthly Instagram account management
Delegate your entire Instagram management to us. From content management, account growth, engagement tactics and Influencer campaigns, we got you covered, so that you can focus on growing your business. Starter packages at $4500 / mo.
Our best kept secret growth with REAL ACTIVE followers via TikTok superstars and Instagram page with massive following. Fast delivery. Followers are guaranteed. Starts at $1000 for 2000 followers, and goes all the way up to $250K for 1 000 000 followers. Reach out for exact rates and availability.
Not ready to delegate it all? Have our experts, or Diana Marks herself, walk you through all the steps of setting up a successful Instagram account. You'll walk out with a clear plan of action and tons of tools you didn't even know existed. Minimum commitment 4 hours at $500 / hour.
We had a great experience working with Lux Digital Media team, lead by Diana Marks personally. 
Diana is very knowledgable and brings years of experience to the domain. She always has the best of the brand in mind. She is never shy to recommend new proven methods to get the best ROI. Always responsive, she makes sure to have time for each client even with her busy schedule. 
Lux Digital Media grew the brand's page from zero. We talked about our vision and goals, and the team executed a great strategy to get the brand to where we wanted to be. Everything was fully custom and fell in line with the outlined strategy. I will highly recommend Lux Digital Media for every brand looking to grow on Instagram.
- Amine Benameur, CEO Ziri Skincare
Ребята очень профессиональные и очень много знают о развитии Instagram, а также трендах в Instagram на русском рынке. Они помогли мне создать не только визуально красивый аккаунт, но также маркетинговую стратегию и стратегию развития. Команда 
помогла сформировать и понять, как нужно записывать сторис, для того, чтобы вовлекать аудиторию, как можно больше. В общем, тот продукт, который сейчас у меня есть - это заслуга ребят из Lux Digital Media Team. Также, хочу сказать, что все они очень приятные люди, более того, они всегда очень быстро отвечают на все 
 вопросы и очень хорошо организовывают процесс работы.
- Ekaterina, Nutrition Coach
Working with Diana and her team is an absolute blast. Diana is very knowledgable of the current Instagram market and her team follows her lead to a T. They set up everything on autopilot (posts, captions, hashtags), explained in detail what to change on our Instagram account and why, showed how to plan the feed on a minimal timeline and helped us get our hashtags right, so that we can get targeted traffic from that.

The followers we got were a great target audience as well.

We are definitely staying in touch with Diana, and having her team do minor post boosts from now on.
- Richard, Real Estate Agent
Diana teaches precisely how to create successful content, with consistent images and filters, captions and texts, correct use of hashtags, videos, and geolocation. Lux Digital Media is unique in promoting the secrets to a successful Instagram performance, which most do not show. Congratulations Diana!
- Valter Gonzaga, CEO Faster Capital
Highly recommend Lux Digital media !!! Very professional and nice people. Everything is very organized. They can always support and help in difficult situations. On a 10 point scale, my score is 10 . Thank You very much for your business !!!
- Roman, Creator "Show Your Best Dance"
Best editing apps
- Lightroom
- Canva
- Facetune
- Snapseed
Best performing captions
1. Connect
2. Entertain
3. Inform
4. Impact
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