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The Magic List™ is a signature product of Lux Digital Media - a directory of 3500 brand reps, responsible for Influencer marketing at major companies in the US and worldwide.

  • Are you tired of spending countless hours researching and trying to find the right contact information for the brands you want to work with?
  • ​You've tried reaching out on Instagram and emailing "Contact Us" pages, but still no luck.
  • ​You've even found a potential contact person, but can't seem to track down their email address.

We understand your frustration, and we are here to offer a solution 👇

​Introducing the Magic List™ - a signature product of Lux Digital Media - a directory of 3500 brand reps, responsible for Influencer marketing at major companies in the US and worldwide.

  • Contacts are organized by brand name, contact name, position in the company, and email address.
  • These are current contacts, that are working in these companies today!
  • ​The List is organized in a way, where you can take notes and keep track of all your brand relationships.
  • ​There are 25 categories of brands. 👇
  • ​​Agencies
  • ​Alcohol/CBD
  • ​​​Athletic Apparel
  • ​​​Cars and Auto brands ​​​​
  • ​​Clothing Brands
  • ​​Tourism Boards (including 25 major cities, all 50 US states, and over 60+ countries!)
  • ​Food & Beverage ​
  • ​Bags
  • ​​Beauty Brands & Perfume
  • ​Watches
  • ​​Luxury Brands
  • ​​​​ ​​Airlines (including private, regional, national, and international)
  • ​E-commerce
  • ​​Entertainment
  • ​​Finance and Tech
  • ​Home & Furniture
  • ​​Kids​
  • ​​Shoes
  • ​​Sunglasses
  • Food & Beverage
  • ​​Jewelry
  • ​​Health & Wellness
  • ​​​Lingerie & Lounge
  • ​​Luggage
  • ​​​Swimwear

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Due to highly sensitive nature of these materials (industry contacts, scripts, and secrets), and extremely effective results, all sales are FINAL.


Are these contacts current? 

Our team is dedicated to updating the Magic List™ to ensure you have access to the most current contacts. However, due to the size of the directory, some contacts may inevitably result in bounces. A bounced email typically means that this person left the company. If this happens, simply email, and we will promptly replace the contact and update the directory.

Will I get updates of the Magic List™ as the directory grows and updates?

Although not explicitly promoted, we provide you with free updates to the Magic List™ for up to one year after the purchase.

Do these contacts work with Instagram Influencers only? Can I pitch to them if I have a following on TikTok?

This directory lists the individuals in charge of marketing or influencer marketing for specific companies. You can present your proposal for any platform to them and continue the discussion from there. Even if you have a substantial following on social media platforms such as TikTok, Facebook, YouTube, or others, you can still derive complete benefits from this directory.

Do these brands offer paid campaigns or gifting only?

Our role is solely to furnish you with the contact information of these brands and save you countless hours of research. We do not take charge of PR and Marketing for these brands, and it will be your responsibility to handle any brand partnership deals. It's important to note that not all brands may respond to your outreach, and that's perfectly alright. Nevertheless, these contacts provide you with the best opportunity to showcase your personal brand and express your interest in collaborating with them.

Where can I find something similar?

No other company provides this opportunity to influencers at this scale and level of detail.

Can I find these contacts myself?

If a brand is relatively small, about 10% of its contacts are typically listed on its website. The remaining 40% of contacts can be accessed through paid third-party subscriptions, listed in various directories. However, researching each contact could take several hours or even days. As for the remaining 50% of contacts, they are only accessible if the brand initiates contact with you first.

Is there a refund policy?

Given the sensitive nature of the data contained within our digital product, its limited availability, and uniqueness, we cannot offer refunds. Rest assured, we are absolutely certain (beyond a doubt) that this list is authentic and effective.

Ready to grab your copy of the Magic List™?

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