Hello, I am Diana Marks - the founder of Lux Digital media and a social media influencer with over 1,5 million followers across all socials. at lux digital media, we pride ourselves to be the best kept secret in the social media world. 
While working as a social media influencer for over 9 years, and self-managing my entire career, I got to establish personal connections with big brands and corporations. At some point back in 2019 I noticed that while the majority of companies were more than willing to work with Influencers to be promoted to their following, very few of them had a solid Instagram presence themselves. 
By then, I have build a solid brand of my own name and was training other influencers how to achieve similar success in the Industry. And it was exactly then, when I realized that we can use all of our resources with my hand-selected team and open up a new possibility for BRANDS TO BECOME INFLUENCERS, rather than rely on them completely. 
Since 2019 we've served dozens of big and small brands in all industries, from real estate, beauty, fashion, entertainment to personalities and celebrities. We have helped them take their brands to the next level by generating skyrocket exposure and growth. 
Lux Digital Media team brings over a decade of experience to create a sophisticated Instagram strategy for your business and saves you time, money and energy by deploying latest innovational and creative methods to skyrocket your success on social media. We are on a mission to help hundreds of businesses in 2021.
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